Banff National Park, Alberta – Landscape Photography

Posted September 9th, 2011 in Inspiration, Personal by Victor Tang

We recently took a visit to the Banff National Park in Alberta and i must say it’s well worth it. Banff National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site which offers unspoiled landscapes, astonishing beauty, and extensive mountain ranges.  There is also a great resort town filled with shops and restaurants surrounded in a gorgeous mountain setting. We had brunch at the Fairmount Banff Springs which is literally a castle in the rockies.  We also took a ride on the gondola reaching up to the mountain top. The first moment when my view was surrounded by the endless mountains i was overwhelmed by its beauty.   The view was so breathtaking, i was glad i brought my camera (i tend to always forget to bring my camera out).

If you are looking for a quiet and relaxing nature getaway, i highly recommend taking a visit to the Banff National Park in Alberta.  Totally inspired by the view, here are some photos!

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Showcase of Recent T-shirt Designs

Posted July 26th, 2011 in Design, Personal by Victor Tang

Finally a chance to upload some pictures of my recent t-shirt designs.  These designs are only some of the most recent projects i have been working on.  These designs are high quality t-shirts with special decoration techniques.  For example, the use of foil, high density imprints, embroidery over imprint, and metalic imprints. These are corporate t-shirts for building trades, constructions and union since this is what i have been mainly doing for the past month. I’m pretty happy that most of them turned out the way i visioned it to be!  Feel free to comment on them. :)

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Long Time no Post

Posted July 20th, 2011 in Personal by Victor Tang

So it’s been a while since i made a post (Not like i post very often anyway).  It’s been very busy lately with work throughout the day even until night time. Still have a client project on the side i need to finish asap with quick projects from my night job… and i dont mean the dirty kind.  Lately i have been designing a lot if apparel especially t-shirts as i work with new decoration methods including high density imprints, adding foil, and other cool techniques.

I haven’t updated my portfolio either but i have a lot of new work!  Once i have time i will be uploaded a couple website designs, some print design and publications, and will be adding a new apparel category.  So keep checking back for new stuff!

Heres a little preview of one of my shirts designed for the Boilermakers Union.

Attending 2 out of 3 Days of FITC 2011

Posted May 6th, 2011 in Design, Personal by Victor Tang

To tell you the truth, i expected way more this year.  Having it at the Guvernment Nightclub wasn’t actually the best idea.   The rooms were in weird sizes, the set up and design didnt give me that spark, the lighting was just terrible in some rooms and not to mention you can hear cars and trucks with a huge buzzing sound during some presentation.  It wasn’t as “big” as i expected it to be.   However, the presentations i listened to were pretty awesome.
Gmunk revealed the visual effect implementation of the movie Tron, Mcbess absolutely inspired us with his gorgeous work, Jason theodor’s talk on creativity, Robert L. Peters presentation on Cause and Effect and lots more!  I wasn’t able to attend the first day of the conference so sadly i missed out on that.
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Toronto FITC Event

Posted April 29th, 2011 in Design, Personal by Victor Tang

I will be attending the FITC Event this year at the guvernment located in Toronto.  I’m pretty excited and i got my company to let me go with paid work days.  I’ll need to give back and a presentation on what i learned and how it can help the company but its all good.  For those who dont know what FITC is, Its a three day series of presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions, and award shows.   This design and technology event will definately inspire and motivate me in both creative and technical sides. Flash Designers, Flash Developers, Motion Graphic Artists, Digital Artists from all many places will be attending this event.  Hopefully i’ll meet a bunch of new people and discover their approach on design.  So give me a shout if your going!

Check out the video:

FITC Toronto 2010 Highlight Reel from FITC on Vimeo.