Attending 2 out of 3 Days of FITC 2011

Posted May 6th, 2011 in Design, Personal and tagged , , , by Victor Tang

To tell you the truth, i expected way more this year.  Having it at the Guvernment Nightclub wasn’t actually the best idea.   The rooms were in weird sizes, the set up and design didnt give me that spark, the lighting was just terrible in some rooms and not to mention you can hear cars and trucks with a huge buzzing sound during some presentation.  It wasn’t as “big” as i expected it to be.   However, the presentations i listened to were pretty awesome.
Gmunk revealed the visual effect implementation of the movie Tron, Mcbess absolutely inspired us with his gorgeous work, Jason theodor’s talk on creativity, Robert L. Peters presentation on Cause and Effect and lots more!  I wasn’t able to attend the first day of the conference so sadly i missed out on that.

Most presentations were all about Flash and other interactive designing softwares, perfect for those who are into 3d animation, movies, games, and other interactive stuff.  I did bring my camera but didn’t get a chance to take lots of pictures.  Overall i thought it was a great experience, got some free books, magazines, shirts, hats, and last but not least popcorn and cotton candy.   I regret not spending more time interacting with other designers and developers and see what they were up to. Hopefully i am able to make it again next year and this time at a better location!


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